Predictive supply chain control tool

Forward Sensing detects bottlenecks or discrepancies, allowing companies in every tier to stay informed and avoid inventory shortages and surpluses.


  • Sales planning

  • Transport optimization

  • Shortages overview

Trend based portfolio recommendation

By providing data on delivery statuses across every OEM connected and every tier in the supply chain, Forward Sensing shows the potential impact of market trends on the supply chain network more accurately than any forecasting tool in the market.


  • Trend identification

  • Portfolio management

Regulation and compliance monitoring

Forward Sensing ensures that you cover the latest legal requirements and standards (e.g. CO2 tracking, supply chain law, etc.) that impact your business.


  • CO2 guidelines

  • Adaption to the Supply Chain Act

Intuitive dashboards

The days of going through raw data sets and Excel spreadsheets are over. We will provide you with information in an actionable and consumable way by providing you with a state-of-the-art user experience.


  • Visual data representation

  • Notifications and reminders